Bouldering Classes


Bouldering Basics

New to climbing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

This free1-hour introductory class teaches you the key concepts of climbing. We’ll go over all the fundamentals so you can start climbing with confidence. Led by one of our highly qualified instructors, this class explores in detail:

  • Basic climbing technique

  • Route reading

  • Adapting to the terrain

WHEN: Every Tuesday | 6PM to 7PM 

PRICE: FREE for members and day pass users

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Bouldering Techniques

This 3-part climbing series was designed by professional climber and president of The Boulder Field, Carlo Traversi. Each part explores a specific component of bouldering in detail. The classes are designed to be complementary, with each part building off the previous. However, there is no pre-requisite for attending any class, and we encourage you to select the one(s) that best fit your goals.


Part 1 - Footwork & Movement

Climbing starts with the feet, and so we will too. If you’re new to the sport, come take this first class and learn the subtleties of footwork and how it creates movement. We’ll cover in detail topics like:

  • Effective foot placement

  • Generating motion

  • Moving efficiently

WHEN: 2nd Wednesday | 6PM to 8PM| January, April, July, October

PRICE: $35 Members | $50 Non-Members


Part 2 - Dynamic Climbing

Tired of the static life? Ready to level up your movement? Our second class will teach you the skills to be a more dynamic climber. Learn more about: 

  • Timing and coordination

  • Maximizing force

  • Creating flow

WHEN: 2nd Wednesday | 6PM to 8PM | February, May, August, November

PRICE:  $35 Members | $50 Non-Members


Part 3 - Training for Climbing

We know that every journey comes with its hurdles. This final class will help you better understand how to use our training tools to break through those climbing plateaus. We’ll go over protocols for:

  • Finger strength – Hang board 

  • Power – Campus board, Moon board, Tension board

  • Endurance – Spray wall

  • Injury prevention

WHEN: 2nd Wednesday | 6PM to 8PM | March, June, September, December

PRICE:  $35 Members | $50 Non-Members