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In addition to our standard rates above, The Boulder Field is offering two additional introductory packages for a limited time:

Beginner Package - $79

  • 3 Day Passes

  • 3 days of rental shoes

  • 1 56g White Gold Block Chalk

  • 1 Black Diamond Mojo chalk bag

  • 1 hour of bouldering instruction (schedule at front desk)

  • $145 value

Introductory Membership Plus Gear Package - $299

  • 3-month Prepaid Introductory Membership (see in Rates chart above)

  • 1 pair Black Diamond Momentum climbing shoes

  • 1 200g White Gold Loose Chalk

  • 1 Black Diamond Mondo chalk pot

  • 1 The Boulder Field t-shirt or tank

  • No membership initiation fee if sign up for a Recurring Monthly Membership with 7 days after end of introductory term

  • $383 value, not including the value of the initiation fee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Boulder Field’s policy on refunds?

At The Boulder Field, all sales are final, and there are no refunds, returns, or credits. Given that our sales either involve health and safety issues (such as with retail products and cafe items) or staffing to meet the needs of our members and guests, we hope you understand our policy.

How do I sign up for a membership?

Bring your photo ID and a form of payment (cash, check, Visa/MC) to the front desk and we’ll get you all set up!  Monthly memberships pay a prorated amount at sign up and are billed by calendar month every month thereafter.  Yearly memberships are paid in full and expire 1 year from the date of sign up. This discounted rate is only available when paying for the year in full.

Couples and Students will need to provide proof of status.  See the question below for details on who needs proof and how to submit this information.

What age is “Youth”?

Under 18.

How about “Senior”?

60 and up.

How do I prove Student status?

Students 18 and older must provide proof of full-time student status. High School students can submit a copy of their student ID. College students must submit documentation of current, full time student status. A printout of your courses showing your name, the current term, and the units per class/total units enrolled for the term can be submitted to the front desk.  Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units, and graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 units.  Please note: Student Monthly members must re-submit student proof each fall in order to remain at the student rate. Yearly student members must re-submit proof in order to renew their yearly membership.

How do I prove Couple or Family Status?

Proof of Couple status, either a marriage license or showing that the adults on the membership reside at the same address, must be submitted by significant others in a committed relationship.  Roommates do not qualify. Proof of address includes: copies of drivers licenses, copies of bills or account statements, or lease agreements. These documents can be submitted to the front desk.

Can I bring someone as a guest if I am a member?

As a member, you are allowed unlimited free guest passes each month.  Each pass can only be used for someone who has not yet climbed at The Boulder Field. This right is suspended if your membership is frozen. Qualifications: (1) These unlimited passes are available only to Adult participants who have not yet climbed at The Boulder Field; (2) Up to 3 passes may be used on any given day by Youth participants who have not yet climbed at The Boulder Field; (3) Groups of over 10 people using these guest passes at one time must provide at least 7 days’ advance notice (please contact programs@theboulderfield.com); and (4) If group instruction is desired, the guest passes do not apply and the group should contact programs@theboulderfield.com to arrange a paid group visit.

Can I put my membership on hold if I know I won’t be using it for a period of time?

Another long one here! Yes! We know stuff comes up, so all monthly and yearly members can freeze their membership at a cost of $10 per person per month. Freezes must last for a minimum of 1 month.  Monthly billed members should request the freeze in person at the front desk, or call the front desk prepared to verify your identity.   

Recurring monthly membership freezes must begin on the 1st of a calendar month and the deadline to request a freeze is last day of the prior month. (Example: to freeze beginning June 1st, the request must be submitted no later than May 31st). Family memberships with some frozen and some active pay a $10 freeze fee for each frozen member PLUS the standard membership rates for those that are active.

To unfreeze your membership, monthly members can either set up an automatic thaw on the 1st of an upcoming month by requesting this in advance of the 1st OR they can come into the gym and thaw immediately on any day of the month. When thawing in person at the gym, the prorated amount for the rest of the month is due. If not paid, the amount will roll into the upcoming month’s billing and you will be billed both the full dues amount PLUS the prorated amount from your thaw the previous month.

Yearly prepaid membership freezes can begin at any time and must last at least 30 days.  The expiration date will be extended by the total number of days frozen once freeze fees are paid. Families freezing one person while keeping the other active will have the expiration date for both members extended by ½ the total duration of the freeze.

The unfreeze date for yearly members can be set at the time the freeze is requested, or can be requested at a later date. Please note: the expiration date is not extended until the freeze has been paid for, so take care to not let the membership expire while you are frozen! 

Freezes cannot be placed on monthly or shorter memberships.

How does billing work?

Yearly prepaid and 30-day short term memberships are paid in full up front, so there is no ongoing billing.  All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Recurring monthly membership fees are auto-charged to your credit card or bank account on the 1st of each calendar month, and the charge hits your account within 1-5 business days of the 1st of the month. All account changes (i.e., freezing, cancelling, etc.) must be submitted before the 1st. As of the 1st, billing has already processed and changes cannot be made to the current month.  Billing continues monthly until a written request to cancel is received.  Cancellations take effect at close of business at the end of the calendar month and cannot be prorated.

Does The Boulder Field offer discounts?

We offer a wide variety of discounts, shown above. With respect to organizations, we offer employees of certain Sacramento-area companies, as well as government employees, discounts on day passes and memberships. These companies have generally committed to marketing The Boulder Field to their employees and ensuring a minimum number of employees join The Boulder Field. Government employees must provide annual verification of employment, and must be employed directly by city, state, or federal governments. For groups of at least 10 that are not a part of our formal discount program, we encourage you to speak with our front desk staff by phone or in person, or contact us at frontdesk@theboulderfield.com, to discuss possible discounts. Please note that, for groups numbering 10 or more of youths under 13 years of age, advance notice is required (please give us several days), not only to discuss the possibility of discounts, but to ensure we have adequate staffing in place at the time of your desired visit to ensure the safety, as well as the quality of the experience, for your group and other people in the gym. Again, contact our front desk staff in person, by phone, or by email at frontdesk@theboulderfield.com. For obvious reasons (e.g., safety, quality of the experience), youth groups numbering 10 or more of youths under 13 years of age that arrive without having made advance arrangements with us will generally not be allowed in the gym.