Why Climbing?

Although the fastest growing sport in the U.S., climbing remains relatively unknown. That won’t last for long, though, given it has qualified as a new sport for the 2020 Olympics. Every day, thousands of people are discovering the amazing benefits of climbing. The real questions is: why not climbing?


“Rock Climbing May Be the Ultimate Full-Body Workout”

Time Magazine, February 15, 2018

Climbing is the ideal strength builder, given its dynamic muscle activation is much more challenging and fatiguing than simpler, repetitive movements.

Journal of Human Kinetics, October 14, 2015



Climbing is an excellent cardiovascular workout. “Climbers use a significant portion of their aerobic capacity.”

British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2004


Rock climbing can burn over 700 calories per hour.

Under Armor, MyFitnessPal, 2018


Bouldering can significantly reduce the severity of depression.

BMC Psychiatry, August 2015


Indoor wall climbing improves the self-efficacy and self-perceptions of children with special needs.

National Institutes of Health, 2009


As an exercise involving balance, muscle coordination, and spatial orientation, climbing can significantly improve a person’s working memory, as well as other cognitive functions.

University of North Florida, Department of Psychology, July 2015