Climbing Team

We are excited to have a team of dedicated climbers looking to take their abilities to the next level (and beyond!), be a part of dynamic and highly supportive The Boulder Field community, and have fun!  Our modern facility, world-class route setting, and enthusiastic coaches combine for an ideal environment for your child.

Our Teams

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Recreational Team

Those who are interested in our Recreational Team are welcome to attend a free open practice, held every month on the 2nd Thursday. Come meet the coaches and other climbers, run through a typical practice session, and see if the team is a good fit for you! Members of the Recreational Team who have shown interest, dedication, and ability may later be invited to join the Competitive team.

Competitive Team

Fall is the season for bouldering competition, and Spring is the season for sport climbing (i.e., rope climbing). Most team members look to join our team by early Fall and stay on through the Spring sport climbing season. But participants can join our teams anytime though these seasons. Based on strength, technique, and climbing level, as well as consideration of the youth’s interest or lack of interest in competition, our coaches will place participants on the appropriate team.


Contact if you have an interest in participating in this world-class organization.



Brandon Riel

Brandon is a true athlete. He grew up in Folsom playing various individual and team sports such as soccer, baseball, and skiing. This early exposure to athletics ingrained in him the idea that hard work truly does pay off. Since then, Brandon has helped spread that mentality as a trainer for a competitive youth soccer team.  Brandon came into climbing a few years ago from a passion for the outdoors. He quickly took to the sport and gave it 100% of his attention, energy, and psych. His dedication and focus have yielded him a spot at USA Climbing’s Nationals Competition for Sacramento State’s collegiate climbing team. Brandon’s favorite part of climbing is being a part of a community of “the nicest, most driven people”.  Apart from being a participant, Brandon is also a lifelong scholar of athletics. He graduated Sacramento State with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology, specializing in Exercise Science. He’s also worked as a physical therapist aide, taking immense joy at helping people of all fitness levels progress towards a healthy lifestyle.


Ashlyn Palmero

Ashlyn Palmero was meant to be a climber. Her introduction to climbing came at the age of 14 when her friend suggested that they take a belay class to “pass the time” on a hot summer day. What she thought was just a one-time thing turned out to be the start of her climbing career. Entering college, Ashlyn became immersed with the sport. She joined the climbing club at Sacramento State and began bouldering competitively through USA Climbing. Since then she’s accumulated over four years of competition experience, two of which were at the national level through USA Climbing’s Collegiate Climbing Series. Realizing that climbing had become her passion, Ashlyn started seeking leadership roles, becoming the president of the Sacramento State Rock Climbing Club in 2017. Ashlyn has been with The Boulder Field since they opened. She continues to be one of the strongest climbers at the gym, striving to always improve herself and give back to the sport.