Yoga Classes

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The Boulder Field offers a number of yoga classes, complimentary to Members and Day Pass Guests and available to holders of Yoga Drop-in passes ($10). No reservations necessary. Come and enjoy!

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Savina Boyce

Born and raised in Texas, Savina found her calling in yoga when she made the move to California. Yoga has since changed her life. Savina thrives on showing love to others through her teaching. Come enjoy one of her classes and leave feeling cherished and fulfilled.


Amanda Van Winkle

Amanda found her path of yoga amidst struggle and strife. In need of a drastic change, she (on a whim) boarded a flight from her native New Jersey to Grass Valley, California to live in a tent. For a month, she studied meditation, Ayurveda, diet, asanas, and proper relaxation. She emerged with the title of yoga teacher and a fresh perspective on life. In the last night years, her practice has led her through the different styles of Kundalini, Sivananda, Yin, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa. Despite her young age, Amanda is excited to share the wealth of knowledge and love that she had been so generously given. Come take a class and deepen your practice!


Amy Selix

Amy embraces the duality of being a teacher and a student. Her experience as a special education teacher has shown her how to lead with passion, patience, and persistence. As a Zuda-certified yoga instructor, Amy has taught Vinyasa and Yin at Core Power YogaAmador Yoga, and Yoga Moves Us. Her love for teaching is fueled by the pursuit of continuous growth. Forever a student, Amy is always reading, learning, and evolving her own practice. Take one of Amy’s classes and you will find yourself in a challenging, supportive, and uplifting environment. She seeks to inspire her students with the belief that yoga gives them the avenue to excel both mentally and physically.