Your First Visit

If you’ve ever been to a health club or climbing gym, you know that a little bit of business must take place before the fun begins.  At The Boulder Field, we’ve made it easy and pain-free.

Mandatory Video

Please watch the brief video to the left of the waiver stations.  This video will caution you about the safety risks inherent in climbing and provide tips on how to manage them. Or click on it here to get a head start!

Mandatory Waiver

The next matter of business is signing a waiver.  A waiver is mandatory for your first visit and is valid for one year. This can be filled out on one of our waiver stations in just a few minutes, or you are welcome to fill out the waiver online to help speed up your check-in process! Please note waivers for minors must be filled out by a guardian 18 years or older. Don’t worry; it only takes a few short minutes!


Front Desk

With that behind you, go to the front desk and let them know who you are.  They will ask what type of experience you would like at The Boulder Field, and they’ll review your pricing options (click here).  Are you here to climb just for a day? Or perhaps you’d like a monthly pass, or a 10-visit punch card?  Or maybe you’ve checked us out before and would like to purchase a membership, ranging from pre-paid membership for a month or year to an introductory 3-month prepaid membership, or to recurring a monthly membership? Whatever you choose, the arrangements can be made quickly and easily.


Climbing Shoes

If you are interested in using the climbing walls, please be aware that our facility requires climbing shoes. Apart from offering better performance, using climbing shoes allows us to better maintain our walls and provide you with a great climbing experience every time. You are welcome to bring your own climbing shoes, rent a pair at the front desk for $5 (socks required), or purchase shoes from our retail store.

If you plan on only using the fitness or cardio equipment, regular shoes are perfectly acceptable provided they are clean and adequately protect your feet depending on the activity.


Retail Store

Our retail store features a well-curated selection of climbing shoes, chalk, chalk bags, brushes, backpacks, and is always expanding to include more items to better assist with your climbing journey. Carefully selected and backed by experienced climbers, you can be certain that the products offered are dependable and of high quality. If you have questions about any of the products in our retail store or about future offerings, please don’t hesitate to ask a front desk associate.


Training and Fitness

Many members of The Boulder Field community never set limbs on a climbing wall. They come for the excellent general workout facilities - plenty of free weights, dumbbells, kettles, rings, stationary bikes, upright bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, and stretching areas - and all the other features of the gym.

We also offer the most comprehensive selection of climbing training boards in Northern California. The Moon Board, Tension Board, Campus Board, Spray Wall, and Hang Board set-ups are great tools for making quick gains in your climbing ability.

climbing 5.jpg

Community-Focused Design

Even from the vantage point of the Front Desk, the size of the gym and the quality of its offerings are apparent. The facility was actively designed to cultivate a communal experience through spacious gathering areas and opportunities for lounging and socializing. Perfect for hosting climbing and other events, we are proud of the community we have built and the memories yet to come.


Climbing Walls

New climber or seasoned veteran, you’ll ultimately give into temptation and jump on our walls. Many people say they are the best-designed, best-set climbing walls in the country. Our facility is designed for a specific type of climbing called "bouldering." This means there are no harnesses, belays or belay partners required. Many boulderers have a fairly minimal equipment setup including climbing shoes and chalk, and enjoy the versatility of being able to climb solo or in a group environment.

Routes are commonly known as "problems" in bouldering, as they often need to be "solved" by the climber. Each problem is designed by our world-class route setting team, and clearly marked per a circuit-based grading system with a series of colors representing a range of difficulty. Green colored routes are the easiest and Black colored routes are the most difficult, with 6 other colors in between. When you complete (or, in climber’s parlance, “send”) a route, you either climb back down or drop onto our highly engineered mat designed and built to absorb the majority of the impact of your fall.

With over 325 routes at any given time, spread over 10,000 SF of climbing terrain, our mission is to continually provide you with challenging and fun problems, regardless if you're new to climbing or are a stone master. The problems are re-set section by section on a six week cycle. Our mission with the problems, and one we have succeeded with, is to always captivate and challenge the most frequent visitor, regardless of their climbing level.



Many of our members and guests take advantage of our frequent yoga classes.  With daily classes during the week at 6:30 pm, and a Tuesday morning class at 6:15 am, we offer several yoga styles – Power Vinyasa, Yin, Vinyasa Yin Combo – taught by some of Sacramento’s best yoga instructors. These classes are complimentary to members and punch pass or day pass users and are also available for a $10 drop in rate to those just wanting to take a class.

cafe 2.jpg


One of the most popular features of The Boulder Field is our café.  Featuring renowned Temple Coffee, Sacramento’s favorite, as well as locally brewed beers and kombucha, our café is a favorite meeting place to gather with friends and fellow climbers and fitness enthusiasts.


Locker Rooms, Showers, and Saunas

When you are ready to clean up after the all the fun and work, visit our sparkling clean locker rooms, with showers and toasty cedar saunas.


How can I learn more about The Boulder Field?

We strongly encourage signing up for the Introduction to The Boulder Field class (click here).  This 45-minute class is free to all members.  It provides a comprehensive tour of the facility and detailed instruction about how to best utilize and interact with all aspects of the gym.  Whether you are new to climbing or have been climbing for years, this quick information session will give you a quick glimpse of all the possibilities available to you at The Boulder Field.


How can I learn more about bouldering?

Are pets allowed in the gym?

Bouldering Techniques (click here), a 2-hour class, available to members and non-members, is offered on the first Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. Classes cost $50 for members and non-members. Led by one of our highly qualified coaches, it will introduce basic and intermediate bouldering techniques and provide group and individual coaching to provide participants with an excellent foundation for future training and development.  Designed by professional climber and president of The Boulder Field, Carlo Traversi, many find this course provides an immediate boost to their climbing.

No. Unfortunately, both insurance and health and safety requirements prohibit us from allowing pets in the gym.