Focus on Core


Complement Your Climbing!



Looking to ramp up your routine?

Whether you're looking to break through a plateau or you flourish during structured workouts, the Focus on Core course is designed to reinforce an advanced toolkit of core-building principles. Our instructors will offer twice-weekly instruction, and help you track your progression throughout the program.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • Powerful vs. functional abs

  • How to use equipment to your advantage

  • Exercises and proper technique

  • Building and structuring your own workouts

  • Nutrition and more...


  • All levels of proficiency welcome - our program is designed to adjust to your level of skill or desired difficulty

  • Six weeks with six themes to help introduce, establish and reinforce positive habits and good form

  • Train together twice a week from 7PM to 8PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with opportunity for personal instruction

Course Schedule

Start:    8/01/19 – Set goals and jump right in!
End:      9/10/19 – Assess progress and review the tools available to you when structuring your own workouts moving forward.


$40 Members | $120 Non-Members (Non-Members receive full gym membership for the duration of the 6-week course)


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