Adult Bouldering League

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Looking for others with whom to climb and train? Join our Adult Bouldering League!

Climbing is a social activity, and we know that folks who climb together, send together! That’s why The Boulder Field’s Adult Bouldering League is designed to promote community (and a bit of friendly competition) among climbers of all levels. 

Here’s what you need to know:


  • Teams of 4 (all levels welcome) – If you don’t have 4, don’t worry! We’ll find a team for you!

  • Meet twice a week from 6PM to 8PM – Tuesdays (Scrimmage Night) and Thursdays (Group Training)

  • Climb and compete against other teams on Tuesdays (equalized scoring system used)

  • Train together and receive coaching from The Boulder Field instructors on Thursdays

  • Score points for climbs and attendance

  • Team with highest score after 6 weeks is the winner

  • Celebrate your achievements and win prizes at the award ceremony and raffle event!

 Scoring System

Our equalized scoring system gives an opportunity for all climbers to earn more points for climbing beyond their PAR.


Having a diverse team of varying abilities will give you opportunities to score more points!

Season 1 Schedule

Start:    1/31/19 – Meet & Greet and 1st Group Training
End:      3/14/19 – Award Ceremony & Raffle Event

Season 2 Schedule

Start:    6/4/19 – Meet & Greet and 1st Group Training
End:      7/18/19 – Award Ceremony & Raffle Event

*We’ll be off the week of July 1

Season 3 Schedule

Start:    10/3/19 – Meet & Greet and 1st Group Training
End:      11/12/19 – Award Ceremony & Raffle Event


$40 Members | $120 Non-Members (Non-Members receive full gym membership for the 6-week season)
*Includes 1 Adult Bouldering League The Boulder Field t-shirt


For any questions, please contact


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